ISBN 9781451641189,The Nature Of The Future : Dispatches From The Socialstructed World

The Nature Of The Future : Dispatches From The Socialstructed World




Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781451641189

ISBN-10 1451641184


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Large corporations, big governments, and other centralized organizations have long determined and dominated the way we work, access healthcare, get aneducation, feed ourselves, and generally go about our lives. The economist Ronald Coase, in his famous 1937 paper "The Nature of the Firm," provided an economic explanation for this: Organizations lowered transaction costs, making the provision of goods and services cheap, efficient, and reliable. Today, this organizational advantage is rapidly disappearing. The Internet is lowering transaction costs--costs of connection, coordination, and trade--and pointing to a future that increasingly favors distributed sources and social solutions to some of our most immediate needs and our most intractable problems... About the Author Marina Gorbis is Executive Director of Institute for the Future, a nonprofit research and consulting organization based in Silicon Valley. She has consulted to hundreds of organizations in business, education, government, and philanthropy. She has been a repeated guest blogger on and is a frequent speaker on future organizational, technology, and social issues. She holds a masters degree from the Graduate School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.