ISBN 9788132103059,The Nellie Massacre of 1983 : Agency of Rioters

The Nellie Massacre of 1983 : Agency of Rioters


Kumar Alok


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132103059

ISBN-10 813210305X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 412 Pages
Language (English)


This book provides an analytical view of the successes and challenges encountered while creating the fast expanding rural sanitation movement in India, with a special focus on the last decade. While attempting to break the sanitation taboo in the country, this book presents a historical account of the importance attached to hygiene and sanitation in ancient India and the evolution of the sanitation policy. The key challenges and debates that have been encountered by policy makers while implementing the Total Sanitation Campaign have been discussed in detail along with a critical analysis of the key factors of success and the lessons learned. The book targets an audience that includes policy makers, programme managers and implementers, and outlines a vision for the future of sanitation programmes in India. It also presents innovative ideas for launching the second generation of sanitation initiatives which will be relevant not only for India but also for many other countries across the globe. Table of Contents Foreword by Dr N C SAXENA Preface by KARIN HULSHOF Introduction Rural Sanitation: Development in Phases Debate on Key Policies and Evolution of Implementation Strategy Systems Building Geographical Spread Spread of the Movement Key Achievements and Learnings Key Challenges The Way Forward Glossary Bibliography Index