ISBN 9780600615637,The New Complete Guide To Massage

The New Complete Guide To Massage



Octopus Publishing Group

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780600615637

ISBN-10 0600615634

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Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

Body & health

Introduction. Chapter 1: Before beginning. Benefits of massage. Getting to know the body. When and where to massage. Chapter 2: Getting started. Using oils. Warming up. Practice strokes. Stimulating energy. Chapter 3: Simple techniques. Effleurage. Wringing. Pulling. Squeezing. Opening. Circling. Feathering. Pressing. Raking. Stretching. Chapter 4: Simple massage. The back. Back of the legs. Neck. Face. Arms. Chest. Abdomen. Front of the legs. Chapter 5: Further techniques. Thumb rolling. Thumb circling. Friction. Heel pressure. Rocking. Percussion. Pressure points. Joints. Chapter 6: Further massage. The back. Back of the legs. Feet. Neck. Face. Arms. Hands. Chest. Abdomen. Front of legs. Chapter 7: Specific techniques. Treating common ailments. Easing tension. Sensual massage. Self-massage. After massage. Index and Acknowledgements.