ISBN 9788130909691,The New European Union: Confronting the Challenges of Integration

The New European Union: Confronting the Challenges of Integration



Lynne Rienner Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788130909691

ISBN-10 8130909693


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

This concise but wide-ranging work explores the major political, economic, and strategic challenges confronting the European Union in the context of a rapidly changing geopolitical environment.

Steve Wood and Wolfgang Quaisser consider the actors and issues at the center of current developments in the integration process. Beginning with some basic conceptual questions-for example, what is Europe?-they focus on the Union's increasingly complex politics and economy. Their discussion ranges from political economy, to policy reform and institutional change, to the arena of international relations. They also address the more intangible factors of European identity and common political will.

An intriguing set of possible future scenarios concludes the authors' up-to-date examination of the EU after enlargement.

About the Author
Steve Wood is lecturer in political and international studies at Flinders University (Australia) and associate research fellow at the Osteuropa Institute in Munich.

Wolfgang Quaisser is senior research fellow at the Osteuropa Institute and lecturer in economics and social policy at the Academy for Political Education.

Table of Contents
Setting the Stage
A Short History of European Integration
Institutions and Policymaking
Stumbling Blocks and Unresolved Issues
The Political Economy of Deepening and Widening
Is There an Optimal Size of the Union?
Eastern Enlargement
The Single Market Effects
Economic and Monetary Union
The Lisbon Agenda
The EU Budget and Financial Redistribution
Is a European Economic and Social Model Still Possible
States, Publics, and Europeanization
Institution, Integration, and Inertia
Decisionmaking Processes
Domestic Contexts
A Constitution for Europe?
Overcoming Deadlock on the Constitutional Treaty
Key Policy Areas: Developments, Reforms, and Resistance
Voting Power and Funding Distribution
Regional Policy
Budget and Financing Reform
Environmental Policy
Energy policy
Becoming a Global Actor
Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP)
National Military Forces and Defense Policies
Armaments and Technology
Financial Resources and Funding Mechanisms
Transatlantic Relations and NATO
Energy Security and Terrorism
Dealing with the Neighbors
The Limits of Ambiguity
Democratization, Stabilization, and Security
Interests, Value, and Power
EU Public Opinion and the Shift from Future Members to "Friends"
The Eastern Flank
The Southern Flank
The Balkans
Considering Europe's Future
The EU in Crisis
The EU as Lame Duck?
The Consequences of EMU
British Europe or Core Europe?
Defense, Security, and the Fight Against Terrorism
Wider Europe, Wider Responsibility, Wider Risk
List of Acronyms