ISBN 9789351362517,The New Indian Middle Class : The Challange of 2014 and Beyond

The New Indian Middle Class : The Challange of 2014 and Beyond


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351362517

ISBN-10 9351362515


Number of Pages 124 Pages
Language (English)


The New Indian Middle Class: The Challenge of 2014 and Beyond will make for an ideal read for undergraduate and postgraduate students of sociology. The book is about the Indian middle class emerging as an important player in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. For the first time, the middle class which mostly comprises of educated and well informed individuals played a very major role in the general elections. This book is essential for students of sociology and for anyone interested in knowing more about the role of the Indian middle class in the elections.

About Pavan K. Varma

Pavan K. Varma is an Indian author, poet and translator. He is a graduate from St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi. He joined the IFS in 1976. Pavan K. Varma is presently the Cultural Adviser to Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar.