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The Next Big Thing


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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780749460730

ISBN-10 0749460733

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Number of Pages 272 Pages
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Consumer issues

Consumers today are more powerful and changeable than ever. Their actions have a massive impact on business and society alike. For companies to survive, they need to understand how to anticipate and capitalize on consumer change. If they wait to react to it they are likely to miss the market. Correctly predicting consumer attitudes, tastes and behaviours by identifying and analysing the underlying trends will help you to future-proof your business strategy in today's volatile world.

The Next Big Thing strips away the ambiguity and mystery that surrounds trends, providing a no-nonsense guide to incorporating them into your business strategy. It is the first book to reveal how consumer trends work, how to spot them, and then how to use that knowledge to gain financial and competitive advantage. Based on the concept of trend marketing, it will show you how to anticipate, prepare for and benefit from trends. Full of examples and fascinating detail, it offers the inside track on all aspects of trends analysis, including:

the importance of trends
how trends start
types of trend
where trends occur
identifying trends
trends versus fads
how trends spread
trends drivers
predicting trends
interpreting trends
implementing trends

About the Author
William Higham is an experienced trend analysis consultant with a background in marketing. A recognized and trusted trends expert, he has undertaken a vast number of trend-related projects, running trend research compaigns, compiling trend analysis reports and conducting trend workshops. His opinion is regularly sought by those interested in trend forecasting, from brands to agencies, media outlets to conference organizers, and his impressive client list includes AOL, BSkyB, Siemens, SAB Miller, Young and Rubicam, Virgin, BBC, Hachette, Barclays, Diageo, BBH, and Budweiser. Founder of consultancy The Next Big Thing, William is frequently quoted in the media, and regularly speaks on trends at conferences.

Table of Contents
Introduction : Predicting success
Section 1: TRENDS
Part 1: The value of trends
The importance of trends
The relevance of trends
The impact of trends
The benefit of trends
Part 2: Beginning with trends
The three is
In-house insights
Outsourcing insights
Part 3: Understanding trends
How trends start
Trend typologies
Where trends occur
Trends versus fads
Part 4: Identification
What to look for
Statistical data
Observational data
Media monitoring
Part 5: Interpretation
How trends spread
Active trend drivers
Passive trend drivers
Predicting trends
Part 6: Implementation
Convincing the company
Determining strategy
What's in it for me?
Theory into practice
Afterword: Tomorrow today
Appendix: Trend marketing in action

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