ISBN 9780748136889,The Nicholas Sparks Collection (Vol-2)

The Nicholas Sparks Collection (Vol-2)



Hachette Book Group

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780748136889

ISBN-10 0748136886

Box Set

Language (English)

Literature fiction

Nicholas Sparks is known for his romance novels and this collection contains eight of his best known titles. The following books are included in the box set:

1. The Wedding

The Wedding is the story of a man who is determined to fall back in love with his estranged wife of thirty years. He tries his best to revive the spark in their relationship and comes to realize that his love for his wife has only intensified and deepened over time.

2. The Choice

A story of inspiring love, of two neighbors who meet each other and fall in love. The book shows that love can overcome all.

3. Safe Haven

It is the story Katie who in order to escape from her past and to start afresh moves to a small town of Southport in North Carolina. She avoids forming personal ties but ends up falling in love. Her dark past forbids her to move on and hold her back.

4. A Walk to Remember

A Baptist minister's daughter refuses the advances of a classmate, telling him she doesn't want anything to do with love. Her heart speaks otherwise, but she has a secret that forbids her to love or to be loved.

5. Message in a Bottle

A journalist finds a bottle washed up on the beach bearing a letter inside. The letter leads her to find a man who changes her life.

6. The Lucky One

A U.S. Marine finds a photograph of a smiling young woman, and soon believes the photograph made him luckier as it improves his chances at poker and battle. He sets out to find the woman not knowing that the photo itself could prove a thorn in any chance of a future with her

7. The Rescue

A destitute single mother falls in love with a dashing firefighter who has a romantic past that has left him broken.

8. True Believer

The story revolves around Jeremy Marsh, a handsome New Yorker and a part of the media elite, and Lexie Darnell. Jeremy travels to Boone Creek, a small town in North Carolina, and falls in love with Lexie. She manages the library of the town and for them to remain a romantic relationship, Jeremy has to make a few decisions and choices that could turn his world upside down.

About Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an American writer. He has written eighteen novels, and including the current title, several of his works: The Notebook, The Last Song, Nights in Rodanthe and The Lucky One among them, have been adapted into films. After trying a variety of jobs, he turned to selling pharmaceuticals in Washington D.C., where he met his literary agent who picked up The Notebook and Sparks began his writing career.