ISBN 9780748136872,The Nicholas Sparks Collection (Volume 1)

The Nicholas Sparks Collection (Volume 1)



Hachette Book Group

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780748136872

ISBN-10 0748136878

Box Set

Language (English)

Literature fiction

Nicholas Sparks is known for his romance novels and this collection contains eight of his best known novels. The following books are included in the box set:

1. The Notebook

The notebook is one of the most sought after romantic novels. It is about an old man reading to an old woman in a nursing home, telling her a tale of passionate lovers. The old woman is an Alzeheimer's patient who does not remember that the story is their own and that he is her husband.

2. Dear John

A story about a romantic couple who fall in love over a summer, but they were separated during the man's military service. John returns home on leave when he hears about his father's death. John then seeks out for Savannah, the love of his life. She is married to another man, but she is still in love with John.

3. The Best of Me

The Best of Me is about Dawson Cole, a high school senior who is abused by his family, and Amanda Collier, a very rich girl. They meet in high school and are madly in love with each other, but due to certain circumstances they move on with their lives only to meet each other 20 years at a friend's funeral. While Amanda has a family, Dawson was still all alone. But circumstances turn bad when Amanda's son and her husband meet with a car accident.

4. The Last Song

The book is about seventeen year-old Veronica Miller whose life turns upside-down when her parents get divorced and her father moves from New York to Wilmington. She continues to remain angry and alienated from her parents, when her mother decides that it would be the best if she spent the summer with her father. Her father, who was a concert pianist and teacher, is living a secluded and quiet life in the Wilmington. Veronica is a brand new person after going to the lazy beach town and experiences things she had never experienced before.

5. Nights in Rodanthe

The story is set in Rodanthe, North Carolina, and it follows the close romance of a divorced mother, Adrienne Willis, and a divorced father and surgeon, Paul Flanner. The two protagonists meet in an inn in Rodanthe and fall in love. However, they soon realize that leaving Rodhante would mean going back to their separate lives and the end of their relationship.

6. A Bend in the Road

A story about a widower grieving over his wife who finds a divorcee and falls in love with her. Together they must face a secret in her past that could break them apart forever.

7. The Guardian

The story of an obsessive who meets a woman who closely resembles his dead lover, a lover that he killed in his obsessive love for her. What he doesn't count on in his attempts to get what he wants is the woman's Great Dane who will protect her at any cost.

8. At First Sight

At First sight is the story of a newlywed couple Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell and the troubles they face shortly after Lexie gets pregnant.

About Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an American writer. He has written eighteen novels, and including the current title, several of his works: The Notebook, The Last Song, Nights in Rodanthe and The Lucky One among them, have been adapted into films. After trying a variety of jobs, he turned to selling pharmaceuticals in Washington D.C., where he met his literary agent who picked up The Notebook and Sparks began his writing career