ISBN 9780553507140,The Nizam's Daughters

The Nizam's Daughters


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Bantam Books

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780553507140

ISBN-10 0553507141


Number of Pages 544 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

ndia, 1816nnFresh from the field of Waterloo, Matthew Hervey is dispatched on a mission of the utmost secrecy.nnLeaving behind his fianc?e, Lady Henrietta Lindsey, he must journey across tempestuous seas to India, an alien, exotic and beguiling land that will test his mettle to the very limit. nnFor the princely state of Chintal is threatened both by intrigue from within and military might from without, and Hervey ? sabre in hand ? finds he is once more destined for the field of battle... nn?Captain Hervey of the 6th Light Dragoons and ADC to the Duke of Wellington is back in the saddle ?He is as fascinating on horseback as Jack Aubrey is on the quarterdeck.?The Times About the Author Allan Mallinson was a serving cavalry officer. He is also the author of Light Dragoons, a history of four regiments of British Cavalry, one of which he commanded, and a regular reviewer for The Times, the Spectator and the Literary Review. His Matthew Hervey novels are Sunday Times bestsellers and are all available in Bantam paperback. Table of Contents A marvellous read, paced like a well-balanced symphony ... This is more than a ripping yarn?I look forward enormously to hearing more of Hervey?s exploits; he is as fascinating on horseback as Jack Aubrey is on the quarterdeck.,?This is an engaging work?The attention to detail is admirable?,Allan Mallinson?s grasp of the technical side of his subject is effortless and impressive?The portrayal of the men of all ranks is excellent ?This promises to be an extremely enjoyable series,Treads a middle course between the subtleties of O?Brian and the simplicities of Cornwell?An exciting, fast-moving story, full of bloody hacking with sabre and tulwar.,?O?Brian?s equal in accurate knowledge of the equipment, methods, weapons and conditions of serve of the fighting men of whom he writes?An imaginative feat of high order, owning as much to thorough scholarship as it does to compassion and sensibility? Brilliantly conveyed?,?An epic adventure?a book with a texture as rich as cut velvet, and a storyline as detailed as a Bruges tapestry. Patrick O?Brian may no longer be with us. But Mallinson has obviously taken up the historical baton?,?Allan Mallinson?has already achieved a considerable priase for his brand of derring-do in his first novel, A Close Run Thing?a d?but of real excitement and verve. With The Nizam?s Daughters, the author has overcome the second hurdle with equal aplomb?Mallinson is a genuine storyteller