ISBN 9788172738709,The Original Heroes -The Adventures of Hercules, Perseus, Theseus and Jason

The Original Heroes -The Adventures of Hercules, Perseus, Theseus and Jason



Authorspress Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788172738709

ISBN-10 8172738706


Number of Pages 478 Pages
Language (English)


Enter the world of the original Greek heroes including Hercules, Perseus, Theseus, and Jason. This seductive retelling contains a modern twist or take on many of the classic stories such as The 12 Labors of Hercules, Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa, and Jason & the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece. In between are monsters, Titans, Gods & Goddesses, dragons, Amazons, and of course, the enchanting women they encounter along the way: Andromeda, Antiope, Ariadne, Atalanta, Medea, and many others. Open up to the adventures within as told like never before!

About the Author

Mark Pickvet was born in Pinconning, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan where he received his Bachelors' and Master's Degrees. He went on to obtain a PhD in History and has written many books, especially on the history of glassware and the State of Michigan; he has also written several fiction titles including Aladdin's Curse, Robo Football: Doublespin and the Rockman fantasy series under the pen name Marcus Pick.