ISBN 9788128837999,The Osho Upnishad

The Osho Upnishad




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Diamond Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788128837999

ISBN-10 8128837990

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Number of Pages 760 Pages
Language (English)

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Here is a way to participate in what Osho says will day be remembered as a historical moment, the creation of an alive, vibrant, modern-day mystery school which offers the experience of a very systematic encounter with the miraculous. Osho is planting the seeds of the science of meditation: how to observe the mind and its processes in a relaxed, non-judgmental way and find the perception and clarity of self-realization.

This book is a unique and fascinating chronicle of the play that happens between seekers asking for answers to their burning questions, and Osho giving his farsighted and to-the-point responses.

About the Author
Osho defies all categorization. As he says, I am not much of a religious person, I am not a saint, I have nothing to do with spirituality. All those categories are irrelevant about me. You cannot categorize me, you cannot pigeonhole me. But one thing can be said, that my whole effort is to help you release the energy called love-intelligence. If love-intelligence is released, you are healed.