ISBN 9789350021156,The Particle and Philosophy in Crisis : Towards Mode of Information

The Particle and Philosophy in Crisis : Towards Mode of Information


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Aakar Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350021156

ISBN-10 9350021153


Number of Pages 480 Pages
Language (English)

Economic theory & philosophy

Anil Rajimwale is an outstanding Marxist theoretician, known for deep studies and constant efforts to take theory to higher levels, and one of the very few in India to challenge the obsolete in existing thought and practice. He is well-known for discarding outdated dogmas/concepts, including in Marxism. He did his post-graduation in Botany, transiting to broader areas of natural and social sciences. He began his career as a student leader, acquiring wide range of practical experience, without giving up theoretical research. He has authored a wide range of books, articles, papers, booklets, reviews, project works etc on philosophy, ecology, politics, social sciences, history, political economy, Marxist theory and theory in general. Widely known for his thought-provoking works on STR/ICR, future of capitalism/socialism, fallout of Soviet collapse, and efforts to integrate quantum philosophy with positive aspects of existing thought, he is seriously busy discovering new trends and re-examining existing theories/concepts. He is also examining relations between Marxism, postmodernism and post-industrialism. Many of his predictions of STR, quantum philosophy, socialist theory, ecology and theory in general are proving to be correct. He has coordinated the work of Joshi-Adhikari Institute of Social Studies, NM Joshi Centre for Labour Education and Research, Centre for Rural Workers Education , All India Progressive Forum and other research organiozations and institutions. He also edited a theoretical quartley Critique : A Journal of Critical Theory. He was the coordinator of the documentation work of the Indian labour movement including its oral history. At present Anil Rajimwale is working on a multi-volume research work on the impact of STR/ICR and quantum and scientific revolution on theory, philosophy, society, world economy, transition to the mode of information and to a post-industrial society, which challenge the existing notions. The present volume is the first of