ISBN 9788131796399,The Pearson Guide to the CLAT

The Pearson Guide to the CLAT


Harsh Gagrani


Pearson Publishing



Pearson Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788131796399

ISBN-10 8131796396


Number of Pages 688 Pages
Language (English)


The Pearson Guide to the CLAT 1st Edition is a book authored by Harsh Gagrani. The book comprises of test papers and solved papers which give the student a better understanding of what needs to be learnt for the entrance exams. It is essential for students studying CLAT (Common Law Entrance Exams).
About Harsh Gagrani
Harsh Gagrani is a legal entrepreneur and Director  of LegalEdge Tutorial. LegalEdge tutorial was established in May 2011 with the intention of providing tutorials for the CLAT exams. He did his B.A.LL.B with National Law Institute University. He is a part time quizmaster and has organized quizzes based on current affairs. Harsh Gagrani teaches current affairs and critical reasoning in LegalEdge.
Chapter 1:Understanding CLATChapter 2: How to Use This Book?Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Part Two: Preliminary Tests
Chapter 1: Preliminary Tests – An IntroductionChapter 2: Preliminary Test – 1 (CLAT Pattern)Chapter 3: Preliminary Test – 2 (AILET Pattern)Chapter 4: Preliminary Test – 3 (SET Pattern)Chapter 5: Answer Key
Part Three: English
Chapter 1: GrammarChapter 2: RootsChapter 3: Reading ComprehensionChapter 4: How to Improve Your Reading Speed?Chapter 5: Synonyms, Antonyms and HomonymsChapter 6: Idioms and PhrasesChapter 7: AnalogiesChapter 8: Odd One OutChapter 9: Passage CompletionChapter 10: Spotting the ErrorChapter 11: Sentence CompletionChapter 12: One Word SubstitutionsChapter 13: Sequencing of SentencesChapter 14: VocabularyChapter 15: How to Improve Vocabulary?
Part Four: Mathematics
Chapter 1: Ratio and ProportionChapter 2: Simple Interest/Compound InterestChapter 3: Time and Work/Pipes and CisternsChapter 4: Speed and DistanceChapter 5: Number System Chapter 6: AverageChapter 7: HCF/LCMChapter 8: PercentageChapter 9: Pro?t, Loss and DiscountChapter 10: Square Roots and Cube RootsChapter 11: PartnershipChapter 12: Probability
Part Five: Logical Reasoning
Chapter 1: Critical Reasoning
Part Six: Legal Reasoning/Aptitude
Chapter 1: Legal Reasoning/AptitudeChapter 2: Practice QuestionsChapter 3: Important Legal Terms and ConceptsChapter 4: Important Legal MaximsChapter 5: Summary of Key LawsChapter 6: Leading Case LawsChapter 7: The Constitution and Indian Polity TimelineChapter 8: Key Differences Between Important Concepts
Part Seven: Current Affairs
Chapter 1: How to Prepare for Current Affairs?Chapter 2: Part A: Timeline
Part B: Multiple Choice Questions
Part Eight: Solved Papers
Chapter 1: CLAT 2008Chapter 2: CLAT 2009Chapter 3: CLAT 2010Chapter 4: CLAT 2011Chapter 5: CLAT 2012
Part Nine: Before the CLAT
Chapter 1: One Year Before CLATChapter 2: One Month Before CLATChapter 3: One Day Before CLAT