ISBN 9788178357799,The Petals

The Petals


Jogen Khan



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178357799

ISBN-10 8178357798

Hard Back

Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)

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The petals are the fragmented pieces of a flower. They have the very tender charm and fragrance, born in a flower. A single petal has the same potential to be symbolic of the entire range of beatitude, fragrance and tenderness. All these traits are perceived to be godly and most soothing to the human soul. The flowers, as said, are the noblest works of God; they each have a thousand facets matching to the thousand occasions and moods. A flower symbolizes beauty, tenderness, charm, holiness, glory, hope, dedication, prominence, cleanliness, sensuousness, love and many more celestial virtues. The petals, though being shards of a flower, represent the very synonymousness to the virtues displayed through a flower. Likewise, the literary creativity can find a suitable metaphor in a flower, and the literary works in petals. The present literary work 'The Petals', a collection of beautiful short stories, proves to be the metaphor of the presence of the divinity, though in sharded, scant and torn form, which plays catalyst to evergrowing longings toward the entire endless mass of divinity, compulsory condition to get the content out of the affairs of life. 'The Petals', besides, symbolizes the positive aspects to be attended in any circumstances. These stories give a close show of the secret path that remains exposed in any of fuss to determine the protection, prosperity and happiness. Not to mention, the secret path is always made of hope, dedication, self-respect and confidence and the other virtues. The readers will find the collection as a shadow blend of literary journalism of interesting 'confused contemporariness.'

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