ISBN 9780062312914,The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780062312914

ISBN-10 006231291X


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About the Book: The Peter Principle Why Things Always Go Wrong This book caused a storm when first published in 1969, battering up the bestseller list to #1, charming readers from Topeka to Timbuktu, and finally, brilliantly, blessedly giving the world an answer to a question that nags as us all: Why is incompetence so rampant, so triumphant? The Peter Principle, the eponymous law Laurence Peter coined, explains that, "In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." Its a revelation thats cunning in its simplicity, ferocious in its universality, and brutal in its cleverness. It explains why incompetence is at the root of everything we endeavor to do- why governments condone anarchy, why courts dispense injustice, and why Utopian plans never generate Utopias. With the wit of James Thurber, the psychological and anthropological acuity of Sigmud Freud, and the theoretical impact of Isaac Newton, Dr. Laurence Peter and Raymond Hulls brilliant book explains how incompetence and its accompanying symptoms, syndromes, and remedies define the world and the work we do in it. About the Author: Laurence J Peter, Robert I. Sutton, Raymond Hull Laurence J. Peter was born in Canada and received an Ed.D. from Washington State University. A teacher, counselor, school psychologist, prison instructor, consultant, and university professor, he wrote articles for many journals and magazines as well as several books, most notably The Peter Principle. He died in 1990. Raymond Hull wrote many plays as well as articles for Punch, Macleans, and Esquire. He died in 1985. Robert I. Sutton is professor of management science and engineering in the Stanford Engineering School, where he is Co-Director of the Center for Work, Technology, and Organization, an active researcher and cofounder in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, and a cofounder and active member of the new multidisciplinary "," Sutton is also an IDEO Fellow and a Professor of Organizationa

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