ISBN 9789381841310,The Pink Smoke

The Pink Smoke



Grapevine India Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381841310

ISBN-10 9381841314


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)
The Pink Smoke is the story of Siddhant Roy and his experiences as he tries to adapt to the world of love, lust, addictions and friendship. Throughout the book, he is being guided by Saahil and Ashish who are a contrast of each other.

Summary of the Book

The novel is set in the backdrop of Bangalore and traces the journey of the young Siddhant Roy. It isn’t easy for Siddhant as he tries to adjust to a new world of love, lust and addictions. Still, he is managing with the help of two people: Saahil, the philosopher who is always high on some substance, and Ashish, a balanced advisor. He has difficulty in choosing between ambition and desires. Like this is not enough, he is taken completely off track because of his love for Nikita that makes him experiment with various social norms. As time goes, he realizes that his world is slowly crumbling and reaching an all-time low. He isn’t sure if he will be able to survive through college, and it is highly possible that he could end up on the streets of Bangalore, picking up the pieces of his broken soul. All the emotions that are experienced in this book are a lot like love, but not necessarily healthy.