ISBN 9780099286097,The Power And The Glory

The Power And The Glory


Graham Greene


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780099286097

ISBN-10 0099286092


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)
The Power And The Glory introduces readers to an anonymous whisky priest, a term used to describe a priest whose actions and preaching are contradictory. The priest in the book is also morally weak, yet preaches about high standards. His self-destructive behaviour is often a cause of trouble, but he also continues on his search for dignity. This priest comes into a town where it is against the law to practise the Catholic faith, but he still attempts to carry out his duties as a priest and minister to his people. He even has skeletons in his own closet to deal with, in the form of an illegitimate child that he had fathered in his own parish. Despite meeting his child, he does not feel any remorse for his actions. Over the course of time, he develops a strong bond with a shy little girl and decides to protect her. Readers then meet Padre José, who resides in the same town. He gave in to the government's orders and got married. Because he succumbed to the government's law and gave up his priesthood, he is disrespected by the townsfolk. To add to the nameless priest's woes, a police lieutenant has been charged with hunting him down. This lieutenant is ruthless and pretends to be working for the good of the people, but actually has his own agenda in mind. He kidnaps people from the villages and guns them down. Due to his own encounter with the church in the past, he has a personal vendetta against the priest. Will the priest manage to survive? Does he succeed in his attempt to finally lead a holy life? Who is the Mestizo that the priest meets on his journey? The Power And The Glory answers these questions and more. The Power And The Glory was adapted into a movie titled The Fugitive. It was also adapted for the stage and television. About Graham Greene Graham Greene was a noted playwright, novelist and literary critic. He has also written The Heart of the Matter, The Quiet American, May We Borrow Your Husband?, The End of the Affair, and Journey Without Maps. He leaned towards a realistic style of writing. He avoided using fancy words and preferred to keep his writings simple and to the point. His works generally revolved around religious themes. Greene was born in England in 1904. He penned his first collection of poems while studying at Oxford. After completing his second class history degree, he worked as a private tutor, before embarking on a journalistic career. He was even employed at The Times as a sub-editor, before finding success as a novelist.