ISBN 9788183481434,The Power Of Effective Written Communication Key To Win People & Businesses Through Correspondence

The Power Of Effective Written Communication Key To Win People & Businesses Through Correspondence



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183481434

ISBN-10 8183481434


Number of Pages 311 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table of Contents Part A: Communication Tell in all and tell in fast Interpersonal Communication Communication Channels Efficiency and Effectiveness Perception in the Communication Process Improving Communication Skills Organizational Communication Improving Organizational Communication The Bottom Line Part B: Correspondence Introduction of Correspondence Characteristics of a good Business letter Kinds of Business letter Enquiries, Quotations, Orders and their Compliance Status Enquiries and Replies Complaints and Their Replies Dunning or Collections Letters of Introduction and Credit Circular Letters Letters of Appointment (AL) Office Orders and Office Notes Messages Club, Library and Societies Import and Export Correspondence Official Circulars Official Memoranda Agencies and Agents Tender Notices and Offers Correspondence with Regional/Branch Offices Part C: Advance Writing Skills Advertisement Notices Poster Designing Invitations and Replies Part D: Inserting Smiles Thanks, Gratitude and Apology Introduction, Courtesy and Welcome Congratulation, Good Wishes of Thanks Condolence, Consolation and Encouragement Anger, Irony, Disgust, Exhaustion Joy/Happiness, sorrow, Hatred/Dislike and Surprise Sound Effect Total Quality Control for Producing a Perfect Letter Extraordinary Check List Part E: Report Writing Report Writing News Reports and Factual Description Business Reports Individual Reports and Committee Reports Article Writing Part F: Sharpeners How to use Punctuation How to use Foreign Expression One word Substitution Word Formations Frequently mis-spelt words Common Errors