ISBN 9780743226752,The Power Of Full Engagement

The Power Of Full Engagement



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780743226752

ISBN-10 0743226755


Number of Pages 245 Pages
Language (English)
The Power of Full Engagement is a bestselling how-to book that focuses on energy management as the first rung in the ladder to success, both at work, and in people's personal lives. The 24 hour limit applies to everyone, but there is virtually no limit to the amount of energy a person can utilize in a day and the work that can be done with it. Both Loehr and Schwartz have spent twenty five years helping the top athletic names in the world train better and deliver consistent performances even under high pressure. Tennis star Monica Seles and speed-skating gold winner Dan Jansen are just two of the names the duo worked with. Based on their observation and research, they came up with a step-by-step guidance program that teaches the reader how to manage energy in a more practical and scientifically approved way. The book helps the reader identify and mobilize the four key sources of energy, manage energy expenditure with energy renewal, expend their energy capacity in the same effective manner as do top athletes and sportspersons, and create their own specific energy management rituals. The book teaches one to throw away the watch, forget to count the minutes, and learn a new way of being more fulfilled and content. Jim Loehr holds a master's and a PhD in psychology, and is currently the CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute. A renowned performance psychologist, Loehr has authored many books on the subject and his work has received mention in leading publications like Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report, Success, Fast Company, and Omni. Loehr has also appeared on various television shows. His clientele varies from Fortune 100 executives, FBI, Hostage Rescue Teams, and Army Special Forces, to sportspersons. Tony Schwartz is the Founder and President of The Energy Project, a consulting group that counts among its clientele Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Credit Suisse, Ford, General Motors, Gillette, Master Card, and Sony. Schwartz has previously worked as a reporter at the New York Times, and as an associate editor at Newsweek. He was a staff writer for New York Magazine and Esquire, and a columnist for Fast Company. He co-authored the book The Art of the Deal with Donald Trump which became a worldwide bestseller. His other works include What Really Matters, a book on healing, transformation, and self-consciousness.