ISBN 9781259005206,The Power Of Leo: The Revolutionary Process For Achieving Extraordinary Results

The Power Of Leo: The Revolutionary Process For Achieving Extraordinary Results



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781259005206

ISBN-10 1259005208


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)

Budgeting & financial management

In The Power of LEO, author describes how continuous focus on quality improvement can revolutionize any process?from manufacturing operations to managerial decision making. The secret is to cease delegating the responsibility of quality to specific teams or departments and permanently lodge it within the core of an organization?s culture. Chowdhury?s profoundly simple yet extraordinarily effective management system is based on three basic principles: Listen?Seek input from all stakeholders within your organization, from suppliers to employees to customers Enrich?Create new ideas for improvement and solutions for problems using simple techniques Optimize?Select the best improvement idea or solution, subject it to testing in the real world, and correct all shortcomings About the Author Subir Chowdhury is chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group and a globally respected quality expert and strategist. He advises CEOs and senior leaders of Fortune 100 companies as well as organizations in the public, private and not-for profit sectors all over the world, helping them make quality a part of their business culture. Tagged the ?The Quality Prophet,? by Business Week, Chowdhury is the author of the international bestseller The Power of Six Sigma: An Inspiring Tale of How Six Sigma is Transforming the Way We Work (2001), (translated into more than 20 languages), and 12 other business titles. His Design for Six Sigma (2002) is the first book on the topic and credited with popularizing the DFSS philosophy worldwide. His book The Ice Cream Maker (2005) is a business novella about Pete and the ice cream factory he manages; in which he introduces the next generation management system - LEO ? Listen, Enrich and Optimize. The book follows Pete as he improves his business by applying LEO principles; this bestselling book was distributed to every member of the US Congress. Chowdhury?s latest book is The Power of LEO: The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results (2011). Table Of Contents Chapter One: Introducing Leo Chapter Two: Leo at Work Chapter Three: Putting Out Fires Chapter Four: Fixing the Flow Chapter Five: Commanding the Future Chapter Six: Listening Hard Chapter Seven: Enriching the Product Chapter Eight: Don't Compromise; Optimize! Chapter Nine: An All - Out Leo Deployment Chapter Ten: The Quality Mindset