ISBN 9788129103888,The Power Of Planets: Astrology

The Power Of Planets: Astrology



Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788129103888

ISBN-10 8129103885


Number of Pages 223 Pages
Language (English)


Horoscope reading needs intricate mental exercise. The Power of Plannets reveals the basic reading of the birth chart. It explains how the stars apply to you, their influence on your destiny in terms of finance, home romance, marriage, litigation, health, and how planets lose or gain strenght in the different houses. The book is written mainly to aid astrologers and students. The added advantage of the book is that the author has given astro advice with every star pattern. About Author : P Khurrana has pursued the science of Astrology, Mantrism and Vastu with great passion. Columnist and author, his work has been acknowledged world-wide. He features on Alpha TV Punjabi in the astro-based programme Sitare Ki Keechnde Ne. He is often contacted for mahurat of Films and is the patron of International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Sciences. He has made accurate predictions about Bill Clinton, Kapil Dev, Amitabh Bachan, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and many other celebrities and business tycoons. Contents : Stats in Your Life the Twelve Sectors Affair of the Twelve Sectors The Sun The Sun in the Houses The Sun in the Signs The Moon The Moon in the Houses Moon in the Signs Mercury Mercury in the Houses Mercury in the Signs Venus Venus in the Houses Venus in the Signs Jupiter Jupiter in the Houses Jupiter in the Signs Mars Mars in the Houses Mars in the Signs Saturn Saturn in the Houses Saturn in the Signs Rahu Rahu in the Houses Rahu in the Signs Ketu Ketu in the Houses Ketu in the Signs Zodiac Signs and Influences of : The Sun The Moon Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus Saturn Uranus Neptune and Pluto Rahu and Ketu Panetary Effects on Houses