ISBN 9780929652061,The Power of Process: Unleashing the Source of Competitive Advantage

The Power of Process: Unleashing the Source of Competitive Advantage



Meghan Kiffer Pr

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780929652061

ISBN-10 0929652061


Number of Pages 198 Pages
Language (English)


This gripping, fast-paced book is changing how America does business in the twenty-first century. Not since Eliyahu Goldratt's 1984 breakaway book, The Goal (2 million in print), has such an intriguing business message been presented at the intersection of business and entertainment. This book is an engaging novelette and, at the same time, a thought-provoking business book about how to harness the power of process management to unleash new sources of competitive advantage. Kiran Garimella separates the hype from the reality of process management, arguing for the new mindset and corporate culture necessary to sustain a true process-oriented organization. Process management can enable innovation, address compliance, increase controllership, manage risk, improve customer-centricity, and ensure agility. Dr. Garimella reinforces his message through fictional situations and engaging dialog. He turns the inevitable alphabet soup of business and technology terms into a gourmet's delight with true business substance. Required reading for anyone wanting to succeed in the brave new world of total global competition. ________________________________________ In a business world so overrun with technical mumbo jumbo, this book is a welcome relief. Every business person challenged with organizational design, systems deployment, process improvement, or profit maximizations should give The Power of Process a read. --Cameron Krueger, Vice President, Capgemini US LLC I got so caught up in the story that I didn't realize I was being educated at the same time! Dr. Garimella weaves a compelling tale that reinforces the principles of process management that every business leader needs to know --and he makes it fun and interesting at the same time. --Tom Murphy, SVP and CIO, Amerisourcebergen The Power of Process is a highly informative book that cuts through the jargon and alphabet soup to give the readers a true perspective of what business process management truly is. --Dr. Mark Pendergast, Associate Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University You'll be itching to make changes to your business by the time you finish reading this book. --Rajeev Jain, Head of Quality at a leading Financial Services company This book should be required reading for IT professionals who wish to enter into meaningful business conversations with their executives. --Andrew Spanyi, Author of More for Less: The Power of Process Management In simple and interesting terms, this book presents all the complex concepts in process management, including the latest buzz words. Every IT and business manager needs to read this book. --Prof. Hemant Jain, Professor, University of Wisconsin Dr. Garimella's real life analogies are both familiar and amusing, thus allowing business professionals the opportunity to grasp technological solutions, while being entertained during the discovery process. --Michael Kuhbock, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Integration Consortium While enjoying the trek of the main characters is definitely entertaining, you soon find yourself developing a deep understanding and appreciation for the nuances and challenges of pragmatic business modeling, and service oriented architecture. --Jason Matthews, CEO, The Voyant Group This is an essential reference for directors and executives trying to navigate the alphabet soup of the BPM and SOA worlds. Kiran breaks technical topics down into plain, everyday language, which is essential to communicating effectively with a broad audience. --Scott Mark, Enterprise Architect, Fortune 250 medical technology company This book uses novel approaches to clearly articulate what BPM really is and how it can increase quality while reducing costs acro