ISBN 9780074639146,The Power Of Simplicity

The Power Of Simplicity



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780074639146

ISBN-10 0074639145


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


It's high time for businesses to replace complexity with common sense, argues corporate guru Jack Trout in this impassioned yet practical guide. The best-selling author of the classic Positioning shows managers how to banish jargon, articulate their vision, simplify processes, and refocus on core issues all without expensive consultants and money-wasting programs. Filled with interviews and case studies (exemplary and otherwise), this book throws a life jacket of reality to readers who are drowning in management fads and wondering why business isn't better. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction The Basics of Simplicity Chapter 1. Simplicity. Why people fear it so much Chapter 2. Common Sense. It can make things happen Chapter 3. Complex Language. It can cloud people's minds Management Issues Chapter 4. Information. Too much can confuse you Chapter 5. Consultants. The source of a lot of nonsense Chapter 6. Competitors. simply think of them as the enemy Chapter 7. Strategy. It's all about differentiation Chapter 8. Customer Orientation. It's a given, not a difference Chapter 9. Annual Budgets. A simple way to maximize your dollars Chapter 10. Prices. Simple guidelines to get them right Leadership Issues Chapter 11. Mission Statements. All they add is needless confusion Chapter 12. Leadership. It's about leading the charge Chapter 13. Long-Term Planning. It's just wishful thinking Chapter 14. Organization. The simpler, the better Chapter 15. Marketing. It's turning simple ideas into strategy Chapter 16. New Ideas. Something borrowed is simpler Chapter 17. Goals. They sound nice but accomplish little Chapter 18. Growth. It can be bad for your business People Issues Chapter 19. Motivation. Effort alone is not the answer Chapter 20. Self-Improvement. It's the emperor's new clothes Chapter 21. Success. It's about finding a horse to ride Chapter 22. The Critics. Being simple will not be easy Chapter 23. Simplicity. It's power is alive and well Notes A Simple Reading List Index