ISBN 9788121618540,The Power of Tantra

The Power of Tantra



Hind Pocket Book

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788121618540

ISBN-10 8121618541


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)

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India is known the world over for the science of Tantra, the ancient spiritual discipline, related to the power of Shakti, the female principle of creation. Dc Narayandutta Shrimali, the privileged disciple of Yograj Ski Sachchidananda of Siddhashrama, elucidates in this book, the eight important Tantrik Sadhanas (practices) Baglamukhi Sadhana, Tara Sadhana, Ashtalakshmi Sadhana, Sammohana Sadhana, Aghor Gouri Sadhana, Kala Gyana Mantra, Ananga Sadhana and Dattatreya Sadhana. He has mastered not only the Tantra Shastras but also the Mantra Shastras. Each Sadhana is accompanied by its relevant mantra and yantra, the most important elements of Tantric ritual. Written by a practising Tantrik, this is an indispensable book for those engaged in the serious study and practice of Tantra.

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