ISBN 9788192380926,The Power Of Your Mind

The Power Of Your Mind


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Mausam Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192380926

ISBN-10 8192380920

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Number of Pages 238 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Your mind is like a flawless crystal ball, radiant and clear. Your mind is like the sun, brilliant and powerful by nature. Your mind is like space, vast and indestructible. So, your mind is already totally powerful! You can train yourself easily and quickly to recognize and utilize this power of your mind to be of benefit to all. In the present age, it is the power of mind that rules the world, and therefore it is evident that he, who has acquired the best use of the power of mind, will realize the greatest success, and reach the highest places that attainment and achievement hold in store. The man who wins is the man who can apply in practical life every part of his mental ability, and who can make every action of his mind tell. We sometimes wonder why there are so many capable men and admirable women who do not reach those places in life that they seem to deserve, but the answer is simple. They do not apply the power of mind as they should. Their abilities and qualities are either misdirected or applied only in part. These people, however, should not permit themselves to become dissatisfied with fate, but should remember that every individual who learns to make full use of the power of his mind will reach his goal; he will realize his desire and will positively win