ISBN 9780143423331,The Pregnant King : A Novel

The Pregnant King : A Novel



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780143423331

ISBN-10 0143423339


Number of Pages 349 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

What intrigued me to buy this book was the name, 'The Pregnant King'. How can a king, a man, become pregnant? Is it at all possible??? This book revolves around the various emotions that surround humans; love, anger, submission to power & desire, helplessness, confusion, jealousy, hunger for power... In this book, emphasis has also been laid on following the right path or 'dharma'. This book, a work of fiction, revolves around a king named Yuvanashava. How desperately he wants to father a son! It's only after he has a son can he rule his kingdom and ensure his lineage is carried forward. He marries thrice in the need of a son. His mother, Shilavati, till then is the acting 'king' as she wants to be known. She does everything to follow the right path to run the kingdom successfully. Is Yuvanashava ever able to father a son? Is he able to rule the kingdom? Which of the wives bear him a son? Readers whose engagement with ancient texts runs along orthodox lines might not be too interested in a modern myth. But in a sense, this book is meant for such readers. At its best, this story is about the imperfection of the human condition and our stubborn refusal to make room for all those in between.