ISBN 9781447276111,The Puppy Plan

The Puppy Plan


Anna Wilson



Pan Macmillan India

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781447276111

ISBN-10 1447276116


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Classic fiction

The first story about me, Summer Holly Love and how I went loop-the-loop crazy for Honey the dog. In my life I have wished a million thousand times for a puppy, so I was officially over the moon when I finally obtained parental consent to get Honey - the most absolutely softest and velvetest golden Labrador you have ever imagined.

Since she moved in we have had some extremely funny adventures while dealing with my weird sister April's frankly unfortunate love crush on Honey's vet. It has all been rather manic, but luckily I am an expert in Defusing the Tension and Staying Ahead of the Game when it comes to this sort of situation, as you will see.

This is the first book in a precisely charming new series about me and Honey.