ISBN 9781905740772,The Quest For A Child

The Quest For A Child




Anshan Pub



Anshan Pub

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781905740772

ISBN-10 1905740778

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Number of Pages 305 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

This book has been written to provide hope, support, motivation and focus for couples who are trying to conceive a child. It has evolved from a body of research carried out in the form of hundreds of interviews with childless couples, their doctors, and fertility specialists. Dr Konecna, (who was for many years childless herself and therefore has a profound empathy and understanding of the issues) is able to consider the deeply emotional subject of "involuntary childlessness" both from the scientific viewpoint of a professional obstetrician and from the humanitarian aspect of a sympathetic mother herself. The book does discuss the various medical conditions which cause infertility, but it is written in an easy to understand style. Far more significant, effective and entertaining is Dr Konecna's analysis of childlessness by using examples of biblical stories, traditional folk songs and fairy tales. The content of each chapter is interlaced with case studies from these sources, which reveal the timeless nature of childlessness and the pain and heartache it causes. Paradoxically, the tone and message of the book is upbeat and uplifting. The interviewees relate their experiences, feelings and hopes to Dr Konecna, she is able to discuss their circumstances dispassionately, and she offers a positive viewpoint on even the most desperate situation. "On the Quest for a Child" succeeds on a number of levels - the medical problems causing the inability to conceive, the psychological suffering endured, the remedies and solutions to be considered, and the legal/ethical issues to be confronted -all are dealt with thoroughly, and across an international, multi-cultural range of cases. It is hoped that this book will bring comfort to anyone who is going through the pain of childlessness, but will also be read and valued by medical practitioners, specialists, psychologists, social workers and allied health professionals who deal with childlessness

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