ISBN 9788129118653,The Quest Of The Sparrows

The Quest Of The Sparrows



Rupa Publications India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129118653

ISBN-10 8129118653


Number of Pages 274 Pages
Language (English)


The Quest Of The Sparrows follows the life of an ordinary man, who along with his followers, embark on an arduous journey to discover the true potential that lies within us all. Summary Of The Book Partibhan, a regular young man, is lost in thought about evolution. He ponders over it, realizing it as the only constant in life. He believes that, if not for the desire to secure their future and embrace mere survival, human beings could go on and accomplish such things in life that previously seemed improbable. Partibhan decides, that by embracing evolution and eliminating self-limiting practices, humans can become powerful creators. Inspired by the carefree life of a sparrow, Partibhan sets out on a 600-km long amazing journey without money, eager to test the spiritual principles in everyday life. He seeks to show people that materialism and the quest to accumulate wealth is overrated. He proposes that survival is not the goal of life, and that a higher calling awaits us. The reader is introduced to timeless spiritual principles and their applications in real life. One is made aware, through the odyssey, of the untapped potential that lies within each one, waiting to be unfurled. The book holds great importance as it teaches the spiritual path to its readers who live in an ever-changing world, in which happiness seems elusive. The Quest Of The Sparrows encourages the readers to discover oneself, as against seeking worldly pleasures. The Quest Of The Sparrows is thus a journey filled with questions, and answers sought, putting to test the practicality of spiritual principles, and exploring joy and peace as different from happiness. An noteworthy aspect that separates The Quest Of The Sparrows from other books on spirituality is that it refrains from being preachy. About The Authors An IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi alumnus, Kartik Sharma is an investment banker based out of Mumbai. Kartik's influences include Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, and Friedrich Nietzsche. At the age of 23, he was a published author. Ever since, he has been writing fiction and reflecting on philosophical ideas on his blog. In 2012, Kartik quit his investment banking career to focus more on writing. He is now in the process of writing another novel. Ravi 'Nirmal' Sharma works with a reputed agency as an Associate Creative Director (Copy & Concepts). Ravi Sharma believes that everyone is born with unique talents that need to be realized in order to contribute to evolution. He asks his audiences to listen to their inner calling, so that they enrich not only their own lives, but of people who are in touch with them. Ravi has published over fifty stories in different magazines across India.