ISBN 9781846840562,The Questions Dictionary Of Maths

The Questions Dictionary Of Maths



Viva Books Private Limited

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781846840562

ISBN-10 1846840562


Number of Pages 72 Pages
Language (English)


All areas of knowledge require language, and sometimes they use words which have a special meaning. In mathematics, there are special words, and also everyday words which are used in a particular way. This dictionary uses a symbol at the start of each entry to show what kind of word is being defined. There are cross references at the head of some of the entries, where mathematical ideas are linked, and a word in BOLD CAPITALS is defined elsewhere in the dictionary.

The purpose of the book is not only to help children to understand the meaning of mathematical words and to use them correctly; it also takes the opportunity to clarify and extend ideas, to help children to consolidate understanding, and even encounter new mathematics. It makes extensive use of examples and diagrams to show the mathematical ideas that the words represent.

The dictionary is intended to be available in the classroom for children to use, either independently or together with the teacher, as the circumstances require. Made available as a book, or as individual entries, photocopied and fixed to A5 cards, the dictionary will provide an extra opportunity for children to develop their skills in using reference material. It can also be a rich field for browsing during odd moments, giving as it does the opportunity to meet new mathematics in a friendly format.