ISBN 9788129120205,The Ravines

The Ravines


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788129120205

ISBN-10 8129120208


Number of Pages 348 Pages
Language (English)


A fictionalized account of Phoolan Devis extraordinary life. Its the first novel on this iconic figure. How often does it happen that we come across a life that lends itself to stories, myths, and even fables, in modern times? The Ravines narrates the extraordinary saga of Phoolan Devi a firebrand who chose to fight and survive. This riveting, fictionalized account of her life takes one through the gruesome atrocities committed against her by high-caste Thakur men which later resulted in the infamous Behmai massacre. From the jungles and badlands of the Chambal River Valley, to the desolate years in prison, to the corridors of power in Delhi, the novel showcases the feisty spirit of Phoolan, who captured the imagination of an entire nation and the world. An exuberant yet sensitive story, Dimitri Friedman presents a fascinating look at an iconic personality. About the Author Dimitri Friedman is a journalist and former editor in chief of the French edition of Foreign Policy. He has freelanced for Cond Nast, Vogue and several other publications. This novel has also been published in French as Le Dernier Souffle de Phoolan Devi. The author is based in Paris, France.

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