ISBN 9789350021569,The Rhythm of Life and Death

The Rhythm of Life and Death


Avijit Pathak


Aakar Books



Aakar Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350021569

ISBN-10 9350021560


Number of Pages 178 Pages
Language (English)


About the Book: The Rhythm of Life and Death "Reality is not just what is explicitly visible, whatstatisticians measure, tabulate and quantify. That is Merelysurface reality, Beneath it lies the deeper reality which revealsitself when the mind is without any armour, when the heart opensup, and when reason becomes free from all sorts of cunningness andinstrumentality. Only then does music touch us, and take us to thedepths of our existence." The book is full of revelations- an intimate engagement with thefreshness of the morning and the morning and the depth of the darksilent night. Contents Introduction 1.High Culture, Radiant Moon and the Tale of a Taxi Driver inthe Metropolis 2.Petals of the Same Flower 3.The Mystery of Fog and My Engagement with Laxmi 4.The Moment of Meditation 5.As Music Unfolds Itseld 6.Gift 7.Reading as Enchantment 8.My Philosophers at Khirsu 9.God or No God 10.Evaporation of Identities 11.On Football, Octopus Paul and My Enchantment 12.Some Rare Moments 13.My Kurukshetra 14.Even Domestic Work is an Act of Prayer 15.For My Own Quest 16.Horizons Beyond the Research Committee 17.On Bio-data and Final Laughter 18.From Revolution to Rhythm of Living 19.Silence is Purifying 20.On Pain and Compassion About the Author: Avijit Pathak Avijit Pathak is Professor at the Centre for the Study of SocialSystems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.