ISBN 9781781090244,The Room

The Room




Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781781090244

ISBN-10 1781090246

Hard Back

Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Bjorn has just begun his new job at the Authority. Compulsively meticulous, he knows that one day he will rise to the top, but he is having a difficult start. His colleagues don't know how to take him, he doesn't quite fit in, and he feels the menial work he is being given is beneath him.

But then one day Bjorn discovers a secret room. In here he feels powerful, sharp, alive - and is able to do his best work. But no one else will acknowledge the room's existence.

Is this is a sophisticated but vindictive hoax? Are Bjorn's colleagues that unwilling to accept him? Or is there a chance that maybe, just maybe, the room isn't really there.........

The Room is a short, finely tuned Kafkaesque masterpiece. As the room becomes a symbol of conflict - between one man and his colleagues, and between their different perceptions of reality - we in turn are led to question some of our most basic assumtions about truth and the way we treat others

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