ISBN 9788129114013,The Royal Rajputs

The Royal Rajputs


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788129114013

ISBN-10 8129114011


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

In The Royal Rajputs, Manoshi Bhattacharya offers her readers an incisive look into the customs, traditions and history of the Rajputs. For centuries, the story of the Rajputs was kept a secret by the Bhats, the hereditary priests of the Rajputs. The Rajputs have always been known for their extraordinary courage, passion and honor. This well-researched book offers the readers some surprising facts secrets about the Rajputs. The book also offers its readers a chance to know about the various scandals and conspiracies surrounding the Rajputs. The Royal Rajputs will be a refreshingly new read for those interested in historical books. About Manoshi Bhattacharya Manoshi Bhattacharya started off her career as a physician in the Indian Navy after graduating from AFMC, Pune. She traced the history of the geographers and the map-makers of the Indian waters from the days of the Indus Valley Civilization to 2004 in The Deep: A History of the Indian Naval Hydrographic Department. She has also authored Chittagong: Summer of 1930.