ISBN 9788131525029,The Science of Agriculture - A Biological Approach

The Science of Agriculture - A Biological Approach


Ray V. Herren


Cengage Learning



Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788131525029

ISBN-10 8131525023


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 782 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Engineering

The Science of Agriculture - A Biological Approach, 4th Edition integrates biological sciences with modern agricultural concepts. The aim of the text is to provide students with a basic ave concentrated on the 'how' behind the industry. Instead this edition concentrates more on the 'why' behind the industry. Easy-to-follow and superbly illustrated, this text will develop the readers comprehension of Agriscience, as thorough coverage is given to plant and animal systems, soils, cell functions, genetics, genetic engineering, plant and animal reproduction, entomology, the uses of biotechnology, environmental concerns as well as new direction in agriculture and careers. The text also includes an examination of the controversy and concerns over the use of genetic engineering, genetically modified organisms, cloning and their perceived and potential dangers to humans and the environment. Throughout the text an emphasis is placed on critical thinking and practical activities to reinforce key information are featured at the end of each chapter. Each chapter begins with clearly-stated learning objectives, followed by key terminology. Chapters close with student learning activities intended to extend learning beyond the text material. End-of-Chapter test questions, in True / False, Short Answer / Discussion and Multiple Choice formats help to evaluate students understanding of the concepts presented in the text. The Science of Agriculture - A Biological Approach, 4th Edition is supported by a robust suite of student and instructor resources.
Table of contents :-
1. The Science of Agriculture
2. Soil - The Source of Life
3. Cells - Agriculture's Building Blocks
4. The Science of Genetics
5. Genetic Engineering
6. The Classification of Agricultural Organisms
7. Plant Systems
8. Plant Reproduction
9. Plant Growth
10. Animal Systems
11. Animal Reproduction
12. Animal Growth
13. Plant and Animal Diseases
14. Weed Science
15. Agricultural Entomology
16. The Science of Forestry
17. The Science of Aquaculture
18. Agriculture and the Environment
19. Wildlife and Management
20. A Safe Food Supply
21. The Science of Food Preservation
22. The Science of Fiber Production
23. Producing Organically Grown Products
24. New Directions in Agriculture
25. Energy from Agriculture
26. Careers in Agricultural Science
27. The Agriscience Fair
28. Laboratory Safety

Appendix A - Developing Career Skills and Habits
Appendix B - Plan Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs