ISBN 9788120331334,The Science Of Sales Success: A Proven System For High-Profit, Repeatable Results

The Science Of Sales Success: A Proven System For High-Profit, Repeatable Results



Phi Learning Private Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120331334

ISBN-10 8120331338

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


This book clearly shows how to adopt a disciplined, logical approach to manage selling opportunities and enables a salesperson to learn how to fulfill customers' expectations. The step-by-step guidelines will help to produce successful outcomes for both the salespersons and the customers while giving them an edge over their competitors. The methods given pinpoint exactly which facts the customer needs to have at each stage of the sales process. Based on an approach that treats selling as a science, the author shows that applying the suggested methods, any salesperson can duplicate success on a planned, routine basis. The Science of Sales Success is every sales professional's key to faster sales growth and ongoing profitability. Key Features Filled with concrete examples and engaging case studies. Step-by-step approaches to quantifying and measuring sales success. Plenty of practical examples which can be followed easily. This book is intended for management students specializing in sales and marketing and sales professionals. Table of Contents Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Measurability Matters Chapter 2 Defining Value Chapter 3 Receiving Value Chapter 4 Tests of Reasonableness Chapter 5 Every Question Counts Chapter 6 Leave the Brochures Behind Chapter 7 Every Reason to Say Yes Chapter 8 When the World Isn't Perfect Chapter 9 Using MeasureMax Your Way Glossary Bibliography Index