ISBN 9788123904023,The Scientific Principles Of Crop Protection

The Scientific Principles Of Crop Protection



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Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788123904023

ISBN-10 8123904029

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Edition 7th
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Engineering measurement & calibration

The primary purpose of this book is to assist this co-operation by a survey of the scientific principles underlying modern methods of control of crop pests.The object has been to present to the biologist a detailed survey of the physicochemical factors and to provide the chemist and physicist with a means of approach to the biological side. The details of actual methods of pesticide application used in practice including also the agricultural engineering problems have formed the subject of bulletins and leaflets in the different countries of the world. As they must vary with the conditions found in those countries their applicability is limited and except where examples have been found useful such practical details have not been mentioned. Nor has the inclusion of the principles underlying the control of non-parasitic diseases been possible. A discussion of these diseases due in a broad sense to unfavourable soil and climatic conditions would involve a consideration of nutritional and environmental factors beyond the scope of a single volume