ISBN 9788129114457,The Secrets Of Our Ultimate Success

The Secrets Of Our Ultimate Success


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788129114457

ISBN-10 8129114453


Number of Pages 108 Pages
Language (English)


What is the secret of success? Are there certain requirements? Is success only for a select few? Can the secret of the success bring joy and internal peace? These are questions have been asked for generations, but many people still seem to be missing the secret ingredient. Authors, educators, industry experts and self-made millionaires have expressed their opinions proclaiming their answer, but even their wisdom hasn't prevented people from struggling to achieve success. Why do we search and stumble when the answer is supposedly simple? The Secret of Our Ultimate Success has been carefully written and designed with an understanding of the complex world in which we live in today to make the journey to success simpler. The book draws upon the reader's inner knowledge to revitalize the forces that exist within them. You've picked this book for a reason. Read it. Live it. The Secret of Our Ultimate Success is now within your grasp. About the Author Ratanjit Singh Sondhe emigrated from India to the United States in 1968 with no more than a few dollars in his pocket and the belief that our purpose in life is to add value to the lives of those around us. Over the past forty years, this outlook brought him great success. He was the founder and CEO of the international material science company POLY CARB Inc. which was acquired by the Dow Chemical Company in 2007. He is also an educator, lecturer, author and radio and television show host.