ISBN 9789384544447,The Sikh Gurus

The Sikh Gurus


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Hay House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384544447

ISBN-10 9384544442


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)


A comprehensive, compelling and insightful narrative that traces the birth, the growth and the spread of Sikhism one of the world's most dynamic and progressive religions. In this perceptive work, Dr. Harish Dhillon highlights the lives and times of the ten Sikh Gurus, beginning with Guru Nanak, who founded Sikhism in 1469 and ending with Guru Gobind Singh, who established the Khalsa Panth in 1699. It throws light on how the Gurus acquired profound knowledge and wisdom, which they sought to pass on to the common people through their teachings. Their life histories show how they sincerely practised what they preached and how they led by example. Apart from these, it recounts the enormous sacrifices the Gurus made to keep the faith going. In addition, the book gives elaborate details on how Sikhism has evolved over the centuries. This volume reveals the human side of the Divine Gurus' venerated not only by Sikhs, but also across various faiths in India and in other parts of the world. The contents in the book are intertwined with the underlying theme that the ideal religion (Or faith) is one that is based on simplicity and keeps changing with the times, yet does not forget the very essence that it started with.

About the Author

Dr. Harish Dhillon is the author of eleven books, including First Raj of the Sikhs - The Life and Times of Banda Singh Bahadur and Love Stories from Punjab. He has taught English for forty-seven years. He has also written numerous articles, features and short stories. Starting his career at Lucknow University, he first moved to Lawrence School, Sanawar (In Himachal Pradesh) and then on to the two Yadavindra Public Schools at Patiala and Mohali (Near Chandigarh). After his retirement, he did long term assignments as editorial consultant to The Tribune and advisor to the Board of Governors of the two Yadavindra Public Schools. He now lives in Dharampur amidst the Shimla hills, close to Sanawar and to Jubar, the place where he was born.