ISBN 9781594771569,The Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds


Mantak Chia


Destiny Books



Destiny Books

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781594771569

ISBN-10 1594771561


Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

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The Six Healing Sounds that keep the vital organs in optimal condition ??? ?Presents vocalizations and accompanying postures that dissolve the tensions at the root of unhealthy chi flow and organ malfunction ??? ?Shows how to release excess heat trapped around the organs and redistribute it to cooler regions of the body to bring balance, health, and calmness to the entire system ??? ?Includes a 40-minute audio CD of practices for balancing chi Thousands of years ago Taoist masters discovered that a healthy organ vibrates at a particular frequency. They found six sounds with the correct frequencies to keep each organ in optimal condition. To accompany these Six Healing Sounds, six postures were developed to activate the acupuncture meridians, or energy channels, of the corresponding organs. In The Six Healing Sounds Master Mantak Chia explains how the pressures of modern life can cause excess heat to become trapped around the organs, causing energy blockages and sickness. He shows readers how the vibrations of the Six Healing Sounds and their accompanying postures redistribute this excess heat to the cooler regions of the body, thereby stimulating and balancing chi energy and restoring the vital organs. Regular practice of the Six Healing Sounds promotes optimal health for the organs, increased sexual pleasure, emotional balance, and the prevention of illness.