ISBN 9780330525572,The Six Sacred Stones

The Six Sacred Stones


Pan Books Ltd



Pan Books Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780330525572

ISBN-10 0330525573


Number of Pages 480 Pages
Language (English)


Carrying on from where Seven Ancient Wonders ended, The Six Sacred Stones has Matthew Reilly's Jack West return once again, to save the world from a fatal end. Summary Of The Book The Six Sacred Stones begins 18 months after the events of Seven Ancient Wonders take place. Australia is now invincible for a thousand years due to the Golden Capstone having been installed on top of the Great Pyramid in Giza. The story begins on the Easter Islands, where a group of 7 men install a capstone to nullify the powers of the Tartarus Sunspot. The capstone will also effectively remove Australia's invincibility. The story then takes the reader to China, where Professor Max Epper is investigating the tomb of Laozi, the ancient Chinese philosopher. In the tomb, the professor finds two cryptic messages. One of them warns that the first pillar must be laid a hundred days before 'The Return'. The professor senses that something is amiss and just as he sends a message to Jack West, he and his research partner, 'Tank' are captured by the Chinese Army, who need him to get information about the Six Stones. Once again, the super soldier Jack West is thrown into the eye of the storm as it falls on the shoulders of him and his team of international soldiers and adventurers, to hunt down the Six Stones. These Stones are located in the different parts of the world and it is upto West and his men to track them down and use them to locate an ancient device called the Machine. These stones include the Philosopher's Stone, the Thutmosis' Twin Tablets, the Stonehenge's Altar Stone, the Mayan Killing Stone, Ramses II's Basin, and the Seeing Stone of Delphi. But in their race against time, West realises that they aren't the only people searching for the Stones, and that the other party might not have such noble intentions. As the team scrambles around the world, readers get to see history mesh with fast paced action, as West and his men battle the villains who want to see the world on its knees. About Matthew Reilly Matthew Reilly is an Australian writer who specialises in thrillers. Reilly's books include titles like Contest, Temple, Ice Station, Scarecrow, Seven Ancient Wonders, and has written many short stories like The Mine, The Rock Princess And The Thriller Writer and The Dead Prince. Despite being meant for mature readers, several of Reilly's books are huge hits among teenagers. His books generally have many plot twists, a fast paced story, and lots of action. Born in 1974, in Sydney, Australia, Reilly graduated from St. Aloysius' College. From there, he went on to do a degree in Law from the University of New South Wales. While at university, Reilly was a contributor to the publication Poetic Justice. At the age of 19, Reilly wrote his first book, Contest. He published this himself and it attracted the attention of Pan Macmillan who signed him on for a two book deal. Since then, Reilly has sold more than 4 million copies and has been published in more than 20 languages. Reilly was married to Natalie Freer in 2004. Later, in 2011, Freer committed suicide.