ISBN 9789350020869,The Socialist Alternative; Real Human Development

The Socialist Alternative; Real Human Development


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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789350020869

ISBN-10 9350020866


Number of Pages 185 Pages
Language (English)

Economic theory & philosophy

"A good society," Michael Lebowitz tells us, "is one that permits the full development of human potential." In this slim, lucid, and insightful book, he argues persuasively that such a society is possible. That capitalism fails his definition of a good society is evident from even a cursory examination of its main features. What comes first in capitalism is not human development but privately accumulated profits by a tiny minority of the population. When there is a conflict between profits and human development, profits take precedence. Just ask the unemployed, those toiling at dead-end jobs, the sick and infirm, the poor, and the imprisoned.