ISBN 9781471149382,The Soul Of An Octopus : A Surprising Exploration Into The Wonder Of Con-Sciousness

The Soul Of An Octopus : A Surprising Exploration Into The Wonder Of Con-Sciousness


Sy Montgomery


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781471149382

ISBN-10 1471149382


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


A Profoundly Moving Exploration Of The Intelligence And Personality Of One Of The World'S Most Mysterious, Beguiling Creatures.
In 2011 Sy Montgomery Wrote A Feature For Orion Magazine Entitled 'Deep Intellect' About Her Friendship With A Sensitive, Sweet-Natured Octopus Named Athena And The Grief She Felt At Her Death. It Went Viral, Indicating The Widespread Fascination With These Mysterious, Almost Alien-Like Crea-Tures. Since Then Sy Has Practised True Immersion Journalism, From New England Aquarium Tanks To The Reefs Of French Polynesia And The Gulf Of Mexico, Pursuing These Wild, Solitary Shape-Shifters. Octopuses Have Varied Personalities And Intelligence They Show In Myriad Ways: Endless Trickery To Escape Enclosures And Get Food; Jetting Water Play-Fully To Bounce Objects Like Balls; And Evading Caretakers By Using A Scoop Net As A Trampoline And Running Around The Floor On Eight Arms. But With A Beak Like A Parrot, Venom Like A Snake, And A Tongue Covered With Teeth, How Can Such A Being Know Anything? And What Sort Of Thoughts Could It Think?
The Intelligence Of Dogs, Birds, And Chimpanzees Was Only Recently Accept-Ed By Scientists, Who Now Are Establishing The Intelligence Of The Octopus, Watching Them Solve Problems And Deciphering The Meaning Of Their Colour-Changing Camouflage Techniques. Montgomery Chronicles This Growing Appreciation Of The Octopus, But Also Tells A Love Story. By Turns Funny, En-Tertaining, Touching And Profound, The Soul Of An Octopus Reveals What Octopuses Can Teach Us About Consciousness And The Meeting Of Two Very Different Minds.
About The Author

Sy Montgomery Is A Naturalist, Documentary Scriptwriter And Au-Thor Of Twenty Acclaimed Books Of Non-Fiction For Adults And Chil-Dren, Including The Memoir The Good Good Pig, Which Was A Na-Tional Bestseller In The Us. The Recipient Of Numerous Honours, In-Cluding Lifetime Achievement Awards From The Humane Society And The New England Booksellers Association