ISBN 9788191067392,The Spirit Of The Buddha

The Spirit Of The Buddha



Amaryllis Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788191067392

ISBN-10 8191067390


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)

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WHO WAS THE BUDDHA? WHAT DID HE TEACH? WHAT WERE HIS PERSONAL TRAITS? HOW DID HE CREATE THIS NEW RELIGIOUS CURRENT? In this slim, enlightening volume, internationally recognised Buddhist teacher Martine Batchelor presents the basic tenets and teachings of the Buddha through a selection of essential texts from the Pali canon, the earlies Buddhist scriptures. Viewed by scholars as the actual substance of the historical teachings (and possibly even the words) of the Buddha, these texts are essential to an understanding of the Buddhist faith and are further illuminated through Batchelor's lucid analysis and interpretations. Accessible to non-practitioners and helpful to scholars, The Spirit of the Buddha touches upon key themes of Buddhism, including dharma, compassion, meditation, and peace, among others, creating a panoramic view of one of the world's most widely practised faiths that is stil deeply rooted in its most vital texts. About the Author Martine Batchelor, a former Buddhist nun, studied Zen Buddhism under the guidence of Kusan Sunim and is the author of Let Go, Women in Korean Zen, Principles of Zen,Meditation for Life and The Path of Compassion: The Bodhisattva Precepts,a translation of the Chinese Brahma's Net Sutra.