ISBN 9781591396833,The Story of American Business

The Story of American Business



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781591396833

ISBN-10 1591396832


Number of Pages 432 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

For over 150 years, the New York Times has been the United States' newspaper of record. With unmatched breadth, depth, and quality of reporting, its coverage is consistently authoritative and absorbing.

This unique collection of the Times' most fascinating and relevant articles about business opens a compelling window onto how one of the most powerful economies in human history came to be, including the men and women who have helped create it. Introduced and narrated by Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn, The Story of American Business walks you through content ranging from feature stories to in-depth news analysis to obituaries, spanning from the 1850s to today.

Exploring the people, trends, and pivotal events that have shaped business in America, Koehn has organized the book around a number of important themes, including:

The rise of big business?the advent of mass production, a national market, and the modern U.S. economy

Wall Street-its origins, key players, influence, and evolution
Leadership-from robber barons to corporate rock stars
And much more-including the growth of a consumer society, changing women's roles, development of the labor movement, the rise of the service economy, and the impact of corporate scandals

Absorbing and thought-provoking, The Story of American Business provides a much-needed glimpse into our past and a vital lens for understanding our future