ISBN 9788124801925,The Story of Sri Ram

The Story of Sri Ram






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788124801925

ISBN-10 8124801924


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)

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The Hindus believe that the reciting, reading or hearing of the story of Sri Ram dispels all fears from the mind. It chases away the evils of Kaliyug. Sri Ram was the seventh incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. The purpose of his incarnation was to establish the supremacy of good over evil. He took this incarnation as a man, not as God. He wanted everyone to know that one could live the life of a householder, and yet be good and ethical. He lived a life worthy of emulation. The story of Sri Ram has inspired millions of people throughout the world. Non-Hindus have enjoyed it as much as the Hindus. It advocates a life of moderation, a life where there is time for everyone the family, the parents, the guru, the society and for God. Within it lies the essence of a better understanding of life and the world around us. It is as relevant today, as it was when first written thousands of years ago. Apart from imparting great moral lessons, the story depicts the social life, relations between raja and praja, between man and God and the laws of war prevailing during the times of Sri Ram. The Story of Sri Ram is the ultimate example of a son’s obedience towards his father, a brother’s love for his brother, and a wife’s devotion towards her husband. It takes you through an inspiring journey that can transform your life to one of attainment and happiness. About the Author Prem P. Bhalla educated in Dehra Dun and New Delhi, enjoys writing, photography and travel. He is deeply involved with several social welfare and educational institutions. He has been associated with the Rotary movement for over 45 years. Mr. Bhalla has written over 20 books on self-improvement and other subjects, and is particularly interested in the welfare of young people. He has been addressing them on personality and career development. His book The Complete Guide to Careers has been published by Atlantic Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd. while two other books Gems from the Ramcharitmanas and 7 Steps to Self-realisation are in press.