ISBN 9780593049365,The Strangler

The Strangler




Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780593049365

ISBN-10 0593049365


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Children Book

The electrifying and epic story of one Irish-American family, a city under siege, and the long shadow cast by the most infamous killer of his day... Boston, 1963. A city on the edge. On street corners, newsboys hawk the shocking headline: Kennedy Is Dead. In the city?s underworld, a mob war rages. But what terrifies Bostonians most is the mysterious killer who has already claimed a dozen victims, a murderer whose name is indelibly linked to their city: the Boston Strangler. For the three Daley brothers, sons of a Boston cop, crime is the family business. They are simply on different sides of it. Joe is the eldest, a tough-talking cop whose gambling habits?fast women, slow horses?drag him down into the city?s gangland. Michael is the middle son; a Harvard-educated lawyer working for an ambitious attorney general, he finds himself assigned to the embattled Strangler task force. And Ricky, the devil-may-care youngest son, floats above the fray as an expert burglar?until the Strangler strikes too close to home. As Joe?s mob debts close in around him?and Michael becomes snarled in a murder investigation gone very wrong?and Ricky is hunted by both sides of the law?the three brothers?and the women who love them?are forced to take sides. Now each must look deeper into a killer?s murderous rage, into their family?s own lethal secrets, and into the one death that has changed them forever. As William Landay?s complex, compassionate, and terrifying novel builds to a climax, two mysteries will collide?and a shattering truth will be revealed.

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