ISBN 9781559391207,The Supreme Source

The Supreme Source




Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9781559391207

ISBN-10 1559391200


Number of Pages 256 Pages
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The aim of Dzogchen is the reawakening of the individual to the primordial state of enlightenment which is naturally found in all beings. The master introduces the student to his or her real nature, already perfected and enlightened, but it is only by recognizing this nature and remaining in this state of recognition in all daily activities that the student becomes a real Dzogchen practitioner. The direct path of self-liberation is very different from the other Buddhist paths of renunciation, peculiar to the sutras, and transformation, peculiar to the tantras. The Dzogchen practitioner is aware of the absolute clarity and purity of his or her own mind and without trying to modify what is already perfect in itself, without striving to obtain from somewhere else the state of realization, remains always in the real nature of existence, in the supreme source of all phenomena. ?Those who try to meditate and to realize this condition through effort are like a blind man chasing the sky.? in this book, the Dzogchen teaching is presented through one of its most ancient texts, the tantra Kunjed gyalpo, or ?The All-creating King?-a personification of the primordial state of enlightenment. This tantra is the fundamental scripture of the Semde, or ?Nature of Mind,? tradition of Dzogchen and is the most authoritative source for understanding the Dzogchen view. In the first part we find a detailed introduction to the historical origins, the lineages of transmission, and the basic principles of Dzogchen, particularly of the Semde tradition. The second part includes an oral commentary by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu which gives insight into the depths of these teachings from a practical point of view. In the third part, Adriano Clemente translates the main sections of the original tantra. The Supreme Source will be of great interest to all students of Tibetan Buddhism. About the Authors Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, born in Tibet in 1938, is one of the primary living masters of Dzogchen. After having taught for more than twenty years at the Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples, Itlay, he is at present fully dedicating his time to the transmission and preservation of Dzogchen teachings and Tibetan culture at large. He is the founder of the Dzogchen Community, whose centers of study and practice are found all over the world. He is the author of many books and scholarly articles not only on Dzogchen but on all the main branches of Tibetan culture including history, medicine, astrology, and Bon. His previous books on Dzogchen have become classics. Adriano Clemente has been a student of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu since the beginning of the Dzogchen Community in the mid-seventies. After graduating in Tibetan language and Literature in 1983, he has been involved in translating Tibetan texts under the direct guidance of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, translating most of the latter's works originally written in Tibetan. Table of Contents Foreword Preface Part One: The Origin and Teachings of Dzogchen Semde 1. The Origin of Dzogchen: from Oddiyana to Tibet 2. Dzogchen Semde and the Kunjed Gyalpo Tantra Part Two: An Introduction to the Kunjed Gyalpo 3. The Fundamental Principles of Tantra and Dzogchen Part Three: Kunjed Gyalpo Excerpts in Translation 5. The Root Tantra 6. The Further Tantra: The Teachings on Understanding 7. The Final Tantra: The Teachings on Meditation Epilogue: On the Nature of Samantabhadra Appendices Notes Bibliography of Tibetan and Western Works Index

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