ISBN 9788188204403,The Suragi Tree

The Suragi Tree


Mapin Publishing



Mapin Publishing

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788188204403

ISBN-10 8188204404


Number of Pages 456 Pages
Language (English)


Sudhakar Rao spends hours reading under a suragi tree in his father's home in a small village in Karnataka. As he grows, he moves away from this idyllic setting to the complexities of life in the temple town of Udupi, and then to the whirl of Mumbai. His huge family network strains and breaks, as parents die and friends vanish. Sudhakar Rao becomes a professor of English literature, but memories of his Sanskrit stories and philosophy travel with him even as he travels far from home. His relationships with women, his growing sadness, his dying uncle who had given him so much love, leave him desolate. The Suragi Tree takes the reader through six decades as it traces a path leading from a village in rural Karnataka, through a small town, to the city of what was then Bombay, and then back again to where it all began.

About the Author
Prabhakar Acharya taught English Literature at the college level in Mumbai before he retired as Head of Department and took to writing the novel that lay coiled in his mind, biding its time. After a long teaching career, he has now returned to Karnataka where he is currently at work on a novel for children, Pappu in Kishkinda.

Table of Contents
A Knockonthedoor
Deivas And Devatas Amma And Mariamma Kalkutika Homecoming Nampalli
The Matha
The House Of The Mathatelling Stories After The Fever
The School At Kone Mangoes And Monkeys
The Play Caves And Tigers Habba Shifting Sands
A Treeinkan The Shwar
Godhooli Memories And Dreams
The Suragi Tree Fires And Fire Flies Shame Final Year In School Confrontations
The Unhappy Year Back To College Those Two Years To Bombay
The Journey Bombay And Nampalli A Student Of Literaturethe English Lecturerthe Crisis
An Indian Summer From Red Brick To Plate Glasslovea Troubled Relationship Home Again Dakshi And Delhi the Funeralorphaned
Letters From Dakshi Rajanna Little Ramu Another Play Trapped Bursts, Blasts And Accidents Bubbu And Urmi Harshad After Thirty-Seven Years Part Vii Yakshi
Heat And Fever Stories Lakshmi The Seventh Dayt He Road To Recovery Back To Bombay Resurrection

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