ISBN 9789069800592,The System of Five Cakras in Kubjikamatatantra 14-16

The System of Five Cakras in Kubjikamatatantra 14-16



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1994

ISBN 9789069800592

ISBN-10 9069800594

Hard Back

Number of Pages 338 Pages
Language (English)


The Kuhjikamatatantra in its Kulalikamnaya version represents the primary literary source for the cult of the Hindu goddess Kubjika. Three out of its twenty-five chapters, that is chapters 14-16, are devoted to a discussion of five cakras forming a system hitherto unknown. These five cakras are the seat of a great number of goddesses - called the Devis, the Duffs, the Matrs, the Yoginis and the Khecaris, respectively - and, to a lesser degree, of male deities as well. Heilijgers' study presents a detailed examination of the esoteric doctrine concerning these cakras. After an introduction and a chapter on some general features of the five cakras, each of the next five chapters deals with one separate cakra, discussing its presiding deities, its location in the human body and its symbolism. The second part contains the Sanskrit text of chapters 14-16 of the Kubjikamatatantra, the annotated translation of these chapters and some appendices. The book offers a valuable contribution to a more thorough understanding of and insight into the Kubjika doctrine, which occupies an important position within the Sakta oriented Hindu Tantric tradition.